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Ten Things That Can Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

What Could Possibly Go Wrong at a Wedding

A luxurious outdoor summer wedding
Outdoor Wedding Setup

It was a week before my daughter’s wedding when a person of "goodwill" casually informed me to expect ten things to go wrong at the event, or at least during the days leading up to it. Obviously, that person was never at one of my events, with all the planning of course…..

Well executed events and parties typically result from hiring the right people (unless you are a very organized DIY’er and do everything yourself). The wedding was scheduled to go on without a hitch. The venue was chosen, I hired a well known, professional photographer, a reliable florist, a top notch caterer (who happened to be a relative of mine) who did a fabulous job, etc….. We were set to go!

Well, reality intervened when the (semi temperamental) zipper of my daughter’s wedding gown tore as she was trying it on a couple of days before her big day…….. a crucial member of the wedding party was semi absent at a major part of the reception….. The pink bridal bouquet arrived wilted and brown, the band leader informed me at the start of the wedding that he was still a little unsure of some of the songs we had chosen to walk down the aisle to, but he listened to them on the way over so he should be okay playing them at the wedding (he wasn’t being serious, but very poor timing for jokes…)......

To my relief, five things went wrong instead of ten, and as you can see from the paragraph above, I cannot even remember the last one. So I am officially renaming this article to "Five Things That Can Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day".

So, plan as best as you can, try to hire the right vendors, appreciate the family and friends who spent their time and money to share in your happiness, and no matter what happens on the day of, or the days leading up to your event….. just enjoy.


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