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shira berkowitz

 custom album designer

Designing an album can be an art for some, but a chore for others. Shira Berkowitz, based out of Wesley Hills, New York, turned her favorite hobby into a career, and uses her creativity and artistic flair to create custom albums for weddings, engagements, bar & bat mitzvas , baby & maternity, and corporate. Most of her clients have been referred to her by other happy clients, and that's the best referral one could ever ask for! 

Quality and Design should be any client’s main concern when purchasing something they will treasure for years to come. I share these sentiments as much as my clients, therefore I took the opportunity to travel and explore not only the office of the company that prints my albums, but I received a tour of the entire factory.  I watched the photos being taken off the printer, hand placed and affixed to the albums. I observed the leather and fabric being cut and measured, as well as watching the custom boxes being handcrafted. I can attest to the heart and soul that goes into each album…they are not mass produced nor is any one album the same as the next. 


From a design standpoint, a custom album is not where one drops photos into templates. I take the time to find out about the event, the family, any special situations that should be emphasized (or not emphasized) in your album. I use creativity to blend multiple images into artwork and tell the story of your event through each page.

This is your story, and it should be told differently than everyone else’s. 



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