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Modern custom photo album

 The Album

 The Luxury Lay Flat Flush Mount Album captures the highlights of the occasion in a maximum of     25 spreads (50 pages). Album shape options are square and landscape and they come in a variety of sizes.  Portrait is   available upon request. 

 Cover Options

 Material Covers include Acrylic, Metal, Classic Leather, Textured Leather, Vegan Leather, Velvet, Fabric and Linen. There   are many album cover enhancements that are available such as album stripes and cameo windows.  One enhancement   is included in the luxury album, and additional ones are available as upgrades. 

 Album cover samples below will help you visualize how your album can look.


 Custom letter embossing comes in a variety of exquisite fonts. 

 Album Design Option

 Design options include the Classic Design, which is a clean, crisp look, and the Artistic Design, which is aartistic look   including blended, layered & overlapping images in addition to the Classic Design album spreads. The Artistic is the   most popular option. 

 Special Extras

 Page Gilding adds beautiful character to each album, is available in silver, gold, rose gold, black, white and red, and is   available as an upgrade. Another enhancement is the "deep matte paper"upgrade which really enhances the album. 

 Custom Album Boxes

 Ordering a custom album box to match your new custom album is not only a phenomenal way to showcase your new   album on your coffee table, but also a responsible way to store and protect your memories. For corporate albums, a   classic album tote is the way to go. With your company branding on the cover, this is a great way to bring your business   album to meetings, conferences and corporate events. For those ordering personal albums, custom album design   offers a choice of a Classic Clamshell Album Box, Classic Slipcase, Tribeca Album Box, Marilyn Envelope, Slipcase or   Casa Luxury Album Box. Many of these album boxes can be made to match or compliment your album material and   there are endless choices to making your album box as customized as possible. 

 Photo Retouching

 Most professional photographers deliver impeccable photos that really represent your elegant event. Occasionally, a   photo needs some retouching and custom album design is happy to take care of that for you. Many mild photo touch   ups are included, and many available for a nominal fee, such as stray hairs, teeth whitening, cropping out an object or   person, etc. 

 Package Pricing

 Special package pricing is available upon request for those clients ordering multiple albums in the same or different   sizes. One can even mix and match album types and covers. 

material and color swatches

matching an album color and trim to the event colors adds an extra touch to a special day

hover over the far right of each color strip to view swatches & click on a color to view the swatch name

classic leather

metallic leather

distressed leather

textured leather

vegan leather




 text can be imprinted on classic leather and vegan leather, but not any other materials

text on velvet and metal covers are done by laser etching 

any material that cannot hold text imprinting has the option of printing on the inside  flyleaf or the spine


page gilding

gold, silver, rose gold, red, black and white

Silver, Gold and Black Page Gilding

album pages

thick, quality album pages with or without page gilding


album spine

 choice of modern, vintage or signature on all luxury albums 

(exceptions to the vintage spine apply to acrylic and metal covers)

Vintage and Signature Album Spines
Photo Album Spines come in three styles


hubs, which are raised horizontal ridges on the spine of your album, 

 add style and flair, and are optional 

Side view of a leather photo album with hubs

sample album styles

album stripes

Beautiful textured leather photo album with an album stripe
Leather bat mitzvah photo album with a gorgeous purple stripe
Leather photo album cover with a bright album stripe

cameo windows

Brown leather photo album with a cameo window
Pink velvet photo album with a cameo window

acrylic & metal album covers

Acrylic and leather wedding photo album in charcoal gray
Acrylic Ice photo album cover side view
Stunning Acrylic Ice Photo Album Cover
Side view of an Armour Metal Photo Album Cover
Metal Album Cover
Side view of a modern acrylic leather wedding photo album


Custom Album Design offers a large variety of fonts to choose from in a variety of sizes for cover text. It is most common to write the text on the album cover, either vertically or horizontally, but other options are available, such as the spine. Cover text is available on most covers except the acrylic, metal and velvet covers which have other text options. Custom fonts, including foreign language fonts, are available as an upgrade. 


Goudy Cursive



Newest HI RES_edited.jpg

Goudy Cursive

Vegan Leather Album Black Album_edited_edited.jpg


font sample michael and ilana_edited.jpg


Dina and Aaron_edited.jpg

Goudy Cursive

custom album presentation boxes

Custom Album Design offers a choice of a Classic Clamshell Album Box, Classic Slipcase, Tribeca Album Box, Marilyn Envelope Slipcase or Casa Luxury Album Box. For those ordering an album to represent your company, branding on the cover of your Classic Corporate Tote is a great way to bring your business album to meetings, conferences and corporate events. Many of these album boxes can be made to match or compliment your album material and there are endless choices to making your album box as customized as possible. 

marilyn envelope style slipcase album box

Envelope Album Presentation Box for Photo Albums

tribeca album box

Stunning Photo Album Presentation Box

classic clamshell album box

Gray Clamshell Album Presentation Box

casa album box

Casa Album Presentation Box

classic slipcase album box

Custom Album Presentation Box

classic corporate tote

Corporate Photo Album Tote Bag
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