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  • Why hire a custom photo album designer?
    a custom photo album designer has the skill, experience and creativity to design a photo album creation that will give you exactly what you are looking for
  • What exactly is a professional photo album?
    Typically, a professional photo album is defined by thick and sturdy pages that do not bend easily, have professional binding to keep the album together for many years, as well as expert design. They have a different feel and look than a do-it-yourself type album.
  • What makes custom album design by shira different than other album companies or even my photographer?
    Custom Album Design by Shira offers many album enhancements and features included in the total price, that many other album designers charge extra for. Some examples include: Photo Selection - It is difficult to choose your photos when there are sometimes thousands to choose from, and many of them are too similar to see the differences between them. The only ones you have to choose are the family group photos since you know who is important to include. Blended Images - Shira specializes in artistic blended image spreads, making each album unique and filled with creativity. Shipping is complimentary within the US Letter Debossing is complimentary on all albums (one line) with the option to add an additional line for a minimal amount Album Stripes and Cameo Windows really add to the beauty and creativity of the album cover to make it very coffee table worthy. Personalized Service is necessary with a large investment like getting an album designed. Shira is available every step of the way for those that want to be involved. For those that are getting their album designed because it is too much for them to take care of, Shira takes care of every detail, taking it off the clients hands from the moment the album design process begins, until the client is holding it in their hands.
  • What kind of events do you design albums for?
    I primarily design albums for weddings, engagements, bar and bat mitzvas and baby/maternity/first year albums.
  • I find the album ordering process confusing. Can you explain it a little for me?
    Yes, album designing and ordering can be very confusing. Please refer to the " albums, covers & designs" and the "let's start designing" tabs for further explanation.
  • What kind of photos can be used for my custom album? Do they have to be professional or can I use pictures taken on my cell phone?
    Only professional photos are recommended for these albums due to the fact that phone pictures often do not offer the clarity needed for printing. Exceptions can be made to include a couple of photos that the photographer may have missed, and really would add to your event if included.
  • How does the complimentary photo selection work?
    Should a client choose to have me select their album photos, it can be done one of two ways. Either I select all of them (except the extended family shots and the dancing, as only the client can know which photos are important to include), or the client chooses their "must have's", and I do the rest. Keep in mind that this is a service that is offered to help out, but it is not required. Plenty of my clients know exactly which photos they would like to choose, and that is great too! This is offered as a complimentary service and Shira has the option of declining if it doesn't seem to be working out.
  • Do I really need to send you all of my event pictures even if I know which ones I am choosing?
    Yes. I will often find photos that have better clarity than the one the client submitted, yet they are so similar, one can hardly tell the difference. Additionally, I often use photos for backgrounds that may come from a photo a client might not even think of using.
  • How do I get my photos to you?
    All photos should be submitted by email. Usually the photographer will send them to you via a link that I can download with a log in and a pin #. Just remember to make sure that the photos do not have the photographer's watermark, or they cannot be used. If you only have the photos on a flashdrive, and for some reason you cannot download them to email, I reccomend making a copy of the flashdrive before sending it to me. All photos must be high resolution. If you are unsure, please double check with your photographer. Unfortunately, Custom Album Design does not accept the photos through google drive or google photos, but you can easily transfer them to another method.
  • How many photos are included in an album?
    The average amount of photos used in a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah album are 75-100. The number is considerably less for other types of albums, but custom album design makes sure that you have the number of photos you need to ensure that you are happy.
  • How many pages are in an album?
    Custom Album Design includes 40 pages (20 spreads) with its' standard pricing but allows up to 50 album pages (25 spreads). Although one doesn't usually need to go over that limit, if necessary, additional pages can be added for a minimal charge. Engagement albums come with 30 pages and baby albums come with 24 pages. The Luxury Album is limited to 40 pages for the wedding/bar/bat mitzva album, due to the fact that the thick pages will be bound better for a longer life with fewer pages. Additionally, some album covers are heavier than others, and those extra pages will make the album quite heavy.
  • What is a spread?
    All albums come as spreads, one spread is two pages
  • What are the shipping costs?
    Custom Album Design ships throughout most of the USA for no additional charge. There is a minimal flat rate shipping cost of $25 to a few states. Please feel free to inquire.
  • Do you do photo enhancements?
    I consider minor touch ups part of the job and many photo enhancements will be automatically done (ex. blemishes that decided to pop up right before your special day, etc.) If you do not want this done, please let me know, as most clients appreciate it, but some may not. Major editing, such as removing and adding people from photos, is not included in routine touch ups. If there is anything that would enhance your pictures, (although I cannot remove 100 lbs from a person), please mention it and I will do my best.
  • Can I make revisions to the album?
    Yes, absolutely. While some album designers give a certain number to the amount of revisions allowed, I would like the client to love their album. I will offer the opportunity to have the revisions made (within reason). Once your album is designed, the proof will be emailed to you. That gives you an opportunity to look over the style, as well as the photos selected to make sure you are happy. Often, a client will request that certain photos be swapped for other ones. The final album will only be ordered once the client is happy with the album and ready to proceed.
  • Can I change the album shape once the design process begins?
    The album shape cannot be changed once the design process begins. Some things can be changed even right before the order is placed, such as the cover design or album size. Please keep in mind that changing the cover material may change the price. Once the album is ordered the album cannot be changed.
  • How long does the album process take?
    Most important question of all........ From the time the album design process begins, you can expect the first draft in approximately three weeks. After all of the revisions are made as per your specifications, and the album is ordered, expect to receive it in approximately seven to eight weeks. Often, the album is ready ahead of schedule, but just in case there are delays, I prefer to overestimate. During busy holiday seasons, there are often delays, so please be patient as your album is made to your specifications.
  • Do you do "rush" orders?
    Custom Album Design does not do rush orders. The reason is that we are all about quality, and that just cannot be done in a rush. Additionally, even if the design is done priority, the album still needs to be sent off for printing. There are too many people and factors involved. Once printed, I am happy to offer expedited shipping for a small fee.
  • My parents and in-laws would like albums as well. What are my options?
    Package pricing is available. The parent albums are generally replicas of the primary album, but vary slightly in terms of page count and some other minor details. Please refer to the pricing tab and request a package pricing quote.
  • There are so many choices, how do I decide what I want?
    This is why custom album design offers to send as many digital samples to help you make your decision. The options are numerous, so it can be overwhelming, but that is why shira will help guide you along the way.
  • Do you sell Wall Art?
    Yes, Custom Album Design is proud to offer Luxury Floating Wall Art. Your photos can be showcased in one of three finishes...... Acrylic, Metal and Canvas. You can even submit a photo of the room you would like to decorate and Custom Album Design will send you a photo of different layouts that will suit your decor and style!
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