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The Importance of Selecting a Great Photographer

I have been designing albums for a while now, and since I do not photograph, but rather design and print other photographer’s photos, I have come across so many different styles and talents from a wide array of photographers, both within the United States and internationally. That being said, I have seen many events that could have used improvement with regard to photography.

Better photography should not be confused with expensive……

When one is selecting a photographer, keep in mind that when you request samples, you will be sent the photographer’s best work, which may not reflect all of their work. It takes talent to take gorgeous indoor shots as well as outdoors, so both should be viewed. Additionally, simply because a photographer took spectacular photos at a large wedding, does not mean he / she will be as skilled at a smaller event like an engagement or bat mitzvah. Smaller indoor events may offer limited space and backgrounds for portraits and that is where the creativity of a skilled photographer is essential. It may not be as difficult to take a great photo of a bride in an extraordinary wedding hall or new country club with spectacular outdoor scenery, as it is in a quaint old barn, vintage synagogue or even an outdoor tent.


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