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Photo Selection for Albums......A Daunting Task

Selecting photos for your photo album is a daunting task to do on your own
Choosing photos for your photo album is difficult

When opening my photo album design business, one of the key services I was adamant on offering was complimentary photo selection. Common sense told me (and client follow ups confirmed this) that selecting photos for a professional photo album was a top deterrent to deciding to go ahead and purchase a photo album for either a wedding or bar/bat mitzva. When you are inundated with 1500 - 2000 photos to choose from, what was supposed to be an exciting venture, turns into a daunting task.

For those clients that know exactly which photos they would like to designate for their album, the process goes quickly, but for those who find it overwhelming, a custom photo album designer like myself can really ease the process. The end result, having a beautiful photo album ready for your coffee table, can be accomplished relatively quickly and painlessly.

Beautiful photos belong in an album.


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