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helpful tips for your next event

don't forget

Prepare a list of "must have" photos for your photographer. It is difficult to remember things like that during your event, when you are the guest of honor! Other photos should include: invitation, centerpieces, behind the scenes shots like hair/make-up, limousine, etc. At small events like engagement parties, a lot of shots can get missed. If there is a shot of the brides parents by themselves, there should be a matching one of the groom's. 


A great photographer doesn't have to be pricey or famous.....just extremely talented. Always ask for references and plenty of samples before booking a photographer. Look for creativity, someone pleasant to deal with, in addition to talent. Lastly, just because he/she is fabulous at photographing weddings, doesn't mean he/she will be great at photographing a bar mitzvah. See samples of both!

no regrets

Don't be afraid to ask your photographer for something you have always wanted, like outdoor shots at a park, or post wedding shots, etc.  They may say there is an additional cost, but they may say that they are more concerned with you being happy with the job. Some photographers may be willing to go that extra mile. 


Make sure to bring items that you might want included in photos like jars or vases to hold bridesmaids flowers, a religious item, family heirlooms,etc.....

Everything is a photo-op....


Ask your photographer to get accessory shots of the groom. Sometimes they don't realize that the groom is just as important as the bride. ex. his tie, cufflinks, shoes, suspenders, watch, etc.

The same applies to a bar/bat mitzva!  

albums, not scrapbooks

You can't possibly get every photo you like incorporated into the album. The more pictures you add, the more it looks like a scrapbook. An album is supposed to highlight the scenes from the event, not show every moment. 

album sizes

Albums are heavy. The bigger they are, the heavier they are. Keep that in mind when ordering.....I am happy to give you size recommendations.

it's never too late

Just because you got married or made a bar mitzvah ten years ago, doesn't mean you don't deserve a beautiful album to remember your special day. 


other than the bride

So often, the bride occupies most of the photographer's time. Don't let him/her forget about the groom! Sometimes there are so few shots of grooms........ they seem to be a guest at their own event!

luxury vs. backyard

 An event that takes place in a backyard.... can be the most beautiful event ever. Party/Event planners are phenomenal and can turn a simple backyard into a wonderland. But even without one, a small backyard event can be a dream come true..... Sometimes guests feel even more special, because they know that each person there really counts!

album covers

Some album cover colors are timeless, yet others are trendy. Go with one that you will treasure forever. 

For weddings, don't minimize the bridal bouquet. It is used in practically every picture, so you really should love it!

Also, small touches like the bridal gown hanger and bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts. Same goes for favors given out to Bar/Bat Mitzva friends.

custom album design provides a stress free experience from the time you submit your photos until the album arrives at your door

White Leather Photo Album
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