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Should pricing be listed on websites?

So, I went back and forth regarding listing pricing on my website …… It's definitely a debatable topic.

Did you ever decide to purchase something, go on a website to determine what the cost would be, only to be disappointed because the prices are unlisted? It reminds me of all the times I used to go into the shoe store and have to wait for a salesperson to tell me how much each pair of shoes ran, since they decided not to put a tag on their footwear.

It is uncomfortable for someone to acknowledge that the item they are looking to purchase, is beyond their budget. The items I design and sell tend to be pricey, and for that very reason, I list my prices on my website. Why put a client through that embarrassment? From the owner’s perspective, I hate disappointing people. I provide a very high quality product that I am very proud of, and unfortunately, in order for me to have a thriving business, I simply cannot afford to reduce the price. It is easier for me to have my clients view my pricing prior to contacting me, decide if it will work for them, and then call or email me.

When a client contacts me, my first question is…”did you have a chance to review the pricing listed on my website and is that a comfortable price point for you”?

Is this something that you agree with as a professional and/or as a consumer?


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