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Photo Album Covers........So many choices!

A metal wedding photo album cover for a well known musician featuring a guitar
Metal Wedding Photo Album

Metal Album Covers......Crystal, Velvet, Genuine Leather, Linen, Vegan Leather, etc. I could go on and on as the selection of available album covers is so extensive. How do you choose what is the right one to celebrate your event? The flush mount wedding album featured here is a recent photo album that I designed for a beautiful New York couple, where one of them is in the music business....a guitarist to be exact. Therefore, it was very fitting to use their wedding invitation logo on this metallic cover, really showing off their artistic side. Color themed albums to match the event are extremely popular, yet classic leather wedding albums never go out of style. My most popular now are definitely Crystal, Metal and Classic Leather. What about you? Feel free to leave a comment on what you would order if you were in the market for an album to celebrate your event.


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