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Most Popular Question about Photo Albums.... How much will it cost?

The number one question that clients ask when inquiring about an album is “I would like to order an album….how much will it cost?" Sounds like a fair and uncomplicated question, right? The fact of the matter is that there is a base price, but there is so much that goes into a photo album, that not everyone needs the same features as the next person. I do have a base price, and it actually includes a lot. If a person were to go with that, they will have an absolutely beautiful album to display on their coffee table.

There are add-on features that we call “upgrades”. To some, they may be standard, but in the photo album industry, the basics tend to apply to most prospective album buyers, and the upgrades become an opportunity for those willing to spend a little more to get an album that precisely suits their needs. In the scope of a luxury album, these upgrades are minimal and are very much worth the cost. And it isn’t an all or nothing type of arrangement. Someone might want the page gilding, but not care whether the album is genuine leather or vegan leather. This is where the album designer will prepare a price quote that includes all of the features that one indicates to the album designer. We discuss everything you want and customize the album.

Beautiful Photos Belong in an Album.


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