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Stunning Wall Art Décor Ideas for Your Home or Office

How can I figure out how to decorate my home or office with so many choices?

Transform you breakfast area into an art gallery
Kitchen Wall Art Decor

Although I primarily design luxury photo albums, I added "wall art" to my repertoire as clients inquired, needing assistance with decorating their homes and offices. 

For some reason, decorating with wall art seems to intimidate people, leading to procrastination. That's when I get a

call to the effect of..... "my son got married five years ago, has two children already, yet I haven't hung up even one portrait!" Or, "I redecorated my dining room three years ago, but it just looks bare..... the walls and moldings are beautiful, but there is something missing!"  

The first thing is to educate yourself with the different options available. The three most common types are acrylic wall art, metal wall art and canvas wall art. While some types overlap a little, they each have their own distinct appeal. My more traditional customers tend to lean towards canvas or acrylic, while my clients who have more modern taste tend to gravitate towards the acrylic and metal wall décor.

Here are some great wall art décor ideas:

Family portraits are treasures for any part of your home, but there are so many options available for people who would like to showcase other types of photos. Imagine purchasing stunning living room wall art using pictures you took on a recent trip? Or hiring a photographer to do a photo shoot of your children cooking or baking in your kitchen and use that as kitchen wall décor! Use your imagination, or consult with someone who does this for a living. Invite your family and friends to give their opinion, but at the end of the day, select something that you will love and enjoy for years to come!

As the saying goes...."the shoemaker's kids go without shoes", I am still in the process of decorating my own home with wall art. I like to look at it as a work in progress. I have many portraits aligning my walls, but I am definitely ready to take that leap of faith like my clients, and decide on switching everything over to acrylic. Or do I prefer metal?


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